Mining Trapezium Mill

Mining MTW Series Trapezium Mill

Overview of mining MTW Series Trapezium Mill

MTW Series Trapezium Mill adopts bevel gear overall drive, inner automatic Thin-Oil lubricating system. As a latest grinding equipment, it adopts the European advanced technology.Our machine adopts many technology advantages of mill machine all over the world, such as trapezium’s working surface, flexible connection, roll linked pressure boost, etc.

Feature of mining MTW Series Trapezium Mill

1. MTW Series Trapezium Mill structure is compacter, easy to be installed and more efficient.

2. The main shaft bearing and bevel gear can be lubricated without an additional lubrication system.

3. MTW series mill adopts a cambered air channel, the tangential air goes into air channel easily.

4. The shovel edge of MTW series mill adopts high wearable limit alloy, its life will be longer.

5.Perfect outward appearance with advanced structure and beautiful arc structure design.. The efficiency and precision of classifying is promoted highly.


Principle of mining MTW Series Trapezium Mill

First, crushed stuff is elevated into a hopper from which the stuff is loaded . Then stuff is carried by the air into the separator for screening. The set’s airflow system is closely sealed up and circulated under condition of negative pressure . The process of MTW mill is saving costs and have big capacity .


parameter of mining MTW Series Trapezium Mill

Table 1


Model Specification Name MTW110 MTW138 MTW175 MTW215
Quantity of roller (PCS) 4 4 5 5
Inner diameter of ring (mm) Ф1100 Ф1380 Ф1750 Ф2150
Rotary speed of main frame(r/min) 120 96 75 65
Max. Feeding size(mm) < 30 < 35 < 40 <50
Output size (mm) 1.6~0.045 The fineness is 0.038 1.6~0.045 The fineness is 0.038 1.6~0.045 The fineness is 0.038 1.6-0.055 The fineness is 0.045
capacity (t/h) 3.5~10 6.5~15 11~25 20-50
Overall dimension (mm) 8910×6950×9010 10920×9655×10227 12095×10023×9916 14500x11200x10400
Total weight (t) 18 28.5 46 96


Table 2


Name Item Unit Specifications & Technical Data
MTW110 MTW138 MTW175 MTW215
Motor for mainframe Model YX3-280M-6 YX3-315M-6 Y2-355M2-8 Y3-400-8
Power kW 55 90 160 280
Rev. rpm 980 990 740 740
Adjustable speed motor for classifier Model YVP160M-6 YVP200L2-6 YVP250M-6 YVP280M-4
Power kW 7.5 22 37 90
Rev rpm 1440 980 980 1470
Motor for centrifugal blower Model YX3-250M-4 YX3-315S-4 YX3-315L2-4 YX3-355L2-4
Power kW 55 110 200 315
REV rpm 1480 1480 1480 1480
Accessary equipment Bucket Elevator Model TH250x8m TH315x8.5m TH315x10.5m TB315x11.5m
Motor model YX3-100L2-4 YX3-112M-4 YX3-112M-4 YX3-160M-4
Power kW 3 4 4 11
Rev rpm 1420 1440 1480 1440
Jaw Crusher Model PE PE250×400 PE250×400 PE250×750 PC1010
YX3-180L-6 YX3-180L-6 YX3-200L2-6 YX3-315L1-6
Power KW 15 15 22 110
REV rpm 970 970 970 990
Feeder Model GZ2F GZ3F GZ4F GZ5F
Power KW 0.15 0.2 0.45 0.65

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