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Installation Manual cone crusher (1)

1. Range of application
This cone crusher, which can be widely used in the metallurgical industry, construction industry, road construction industry, the chemical industry and phosphate industry suitable for crushing hard with the hard ore and rock. Such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc..
3. Broken machines and the composition of Principle
Main from the rack, transmission, and air eccentric shaft bearings Bowl, broken cone in tune with the device in tune with the sets, as well as align the spring discharge mouth stations and the use of hydraulic components.
Crusher work, the level of motor shaft and through a bevel gear driven rotary eccentric bushings, broken cone axis line in the eccentric bushings forced to do under the dynamic spin pendulum movement, makes broken wall near the surface from time to time and sometimes leave the rolling acetabular wall surface, so that ore crusher in the cavity and are subject to bending and compression was broken.

4. Installation and commissioning of the cone crusher
1 This note of the machine includes only the special installation instructions, and the remaining general machinery GM may order the installation of the installation.
2. Lifting equipment
Crusher installation of the plant, there should be lifting equipment to machine installation, repair, use and their lifting capacity crane may choose Table 2.

Name kg weight lifting equipment when required
1200 medium-1200 standard 1200 short head
Rack installation of the 5000 5000 5000
Transmission of the 540 540540 Installation and Maintenance
Air eccentric shaft 883 883883 Installation and Maintenance
Bearing Department Bowl 1004 1004 1004 Installation and Maintenance
Broken cone of the 3125 3125 3380 Installation and Maintenance
Align the installation of the 3400 3400 3751 Installation and Maintenance
Align sets of the 3751 3751 3950 Installation and Maintenance

3. Installed general directions
(1) to be installed in the number of spare parts inventory. Inspection and removal of all parts machined surface and thread in the Handling
The damage and get rid of the packaging, coated on the surface of the processing and protection coatings drop in the dust removal and the milk, etc..
(2) fixed at the time of installation in contact with the surface coated with oil, coated in activities to dilute the oil.
4. Foundation
(1) crusher to be installed in solid reinforced concrete foundation, the basis of the depth of users according to the local geological conditions.
(2) In order to avoid the broken ore piled up, there must be sufficient basis for the lower part of the space, installation of transport equipment.
(3) In order to not damage the basis of the foundation must be covered for the upper plate, the pieces of the user-owned.
(4) Our supply base map, only screw position to provide infrastructure construction, infrastructure construction plans is not.
(5) lubrication system and the location of electrical operation, users can factory by the specific location of the environment change, but not change its priorities.
5. Rack installation
(1) installation of the rack should maintain strict vertical and horizontal, in the circular base with the level of surface-processing and check the base of the hanging hammer center.
(2) adjustments iron wedge adjustment good base level, it will be to pin screw tightening, a second propeller irrigation.
(3) When the secondary irrigation paddle After hardening layer to the base under the crusher to remove iron wedge adjustment, and cement filling this gap, and then click the install rack to be checked.
(4) to maintain the level of the base and vertical, to ensure reliable machines, or they will set single copper contacts, grinding eccentric sleeve and caused sealing device not working correctly.
6. Drive shaft installation
(1) shall be installed in the drive shaft and transmission shaft base frame
Flange Gasket adjustment between the flange gasket.
(2) After the drive shaft packed with checks and transmission model
The size of the gear.
(3) transmission gear for the axial movement of 0.4-0.6 mm
(B that is the gap between the two ends).
(4) through the use of the demolition drive shaft flange on the transmission shaft -
The head of a fixed screw top, not in the demolition drive
When the first screw axis not fastening on.   
The installation of air eccentric shaft
(1) Air eccentric shaft mounting pads before they installed in the end will be covered by hook in the bottom cover the bottom rack, and another hook to the circular plate and circular plates are then installed in the back end, and Under the circular plate uplift and bottom cover the Wachu card good.
(2) of the eccentric shaft assembly of space available when the first Central eccentric screw will be packaged into the centre of the hole-filled time to properly charged, and not to allow the gear by the impact.
(2) Air eccentric shaft installed, the size of gear alignment and inspection must end gear meshing gap. For 1200 crusher gear tooth side for the 2.1-2.58 mm.
8. Bearing installation Bowl
(1) Bearing Installation Bowl preparations
A tank and the removal of debris in the hole.
B inspection dust laps and block oil laps Penghuai whether or deformation phenomena.
C check whether machined surface of the damage, any damage should be repaired immediately.
(2)-Bearing Bowl should be closely with the base, and with Cypriot-foot level contact surface inspection of the situation closely.

(3) Bowl bearings installed immediately after the decking will be used to cover equipment Bowl watts broken cone when it scored decking.
(4) installation of bearings Bowl should be protected inlet, drains and block oil laps, dust laps, so when Penghuai loaded.
9. Cone crusher installation
(1) the installation broken cone, we should firmly in the foreground set up a higher point in a wooden rack with a cone crusher installation.
(2) remove Tu in the shaft and spherical surface of the reservoir protection, and with the wind-net lubricants and oil groove.
(3) In a cone axis coated yellow oil, the ball thin layer of oil coated surface.
(4) cone crusher at the time of installation to Add gently eccentric shaft in the air, secure in his place so that the spherical bearings Bowl and Bowl to avoid contact with tile damage spherical ring, as shown in Figure 9 by the installation.
10. Dust device
(1) of the dust of the dry oil installations closed, as shown in Figure 10.
(2) oil seal structure with the United States CS cone crusher with the same type of machines. Practice description of the structure safe, reliable, and avoid a water supply system to reduce management costs.
(3) installation, in a single cavity to fill oil. Maintenance should be at each appropriate to add.
If the user in the order, require the use of water-sealed devices do BOOT structure, users are advised to bring their own water supply as shown in Figure 10-1 system.
(1) near the water drains, should be set up to facilitate an inspection Cao Tu-mouth to water mains.
(2) should be slightly inlet of a water control valve.
(3) When the crusher to stop work, should be able to discharge all the dust bath water.
11. Lubricating device installation
(1) lubricating device can be designed assembly plant installation, but also in accordance with the specific conditions of the local configuration, but users to decide the allocation of the necessary plans and user-owned by the other pieces.
(2) Lubrication Device configuration must ensure that the lubricating oil to be back to profits.
(3) cone crusher installation should be completed before the installation of lubrication equipment, should be carried out because the lubricating device testing, so there have been at fault lubrication demolition repairs are easy.
12. Idling test
In the above parts of the installation to be done after the air load test to check the installation is in compliance with requirements, if it is found that improper places, this ease of repair.
(1) crusher should be checked prior to the commencement of the main connecting the retention situation.
(2) prior to the commencement of transmission of the moving hand climbing, at least to air eccentric axis rotation 2-3 laps. Jin-ying that a flexible phenomenon, before driving.
(3) activated prior crusher start pumps, lubrication until the point by lubricants, oil back to see me, before launching crusher.
(4) Test idling continuous operation shall not be less than two hours.
(5) crusher idling test must meet the following requirements.
A broken cone around himself to the center of rotation for no more than 15 to / min.
B bevel gear may be cyclical voice.
C lubricating device should meet the following requirements.
A) tubing to the pressure should be 0.8-1.5 kgf/cm2 range.
B) to the oil temperature not exceeding 50 ℃.
D test at the crusher after all demolition should not be part of a paste friction burns and wear copper phenomenon.
(6) If the taper to a few broken soon may have an undesirable phenomenon, it should be immediately stopped and inspected dressing, and to check the oil and then re-test.
(7) If the cyclical bevel gear noise, to check the accuracy of gear installation, and inspection gear space.
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